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A 12 Week Online Coaching Program

with Vicki Pittman

In 90 days, I help women create harmonious and balanced bodies with a customized blueprint for self love on their journey to self mastery.

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In my 12 week L.E.A.P program, you will gain...

- A higher sense of purpose and sense of self love.

- Clarity on self love blocks holding you back from living an authentically joyous life.

- What to do about it, if you want your personal and professional lives to thrive like never before. 

- Strategies to overcome self doubt and build resiliency.

- Advanced strategies to embody radical self confidence and uphold boundaries, FAST. 

- Movement programs for stress management and strength building.

- How to handle it when things start going really, really, unbelievably well. 

- So much more!

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Meet Your Coach

Vicki Pittman

Vicki is a certified Pilates instructor and wellness coach that believes personal growth and abundance is possible when self love and self trust is prioritized.  Wellness requires a healthy body, mindset, and an unwavering belief system in yourself. 

It's not just about your ego, but rather embodying your highest self and living your life's purpose.

As a working Mom and movement lover Vicki knows the challenges of trying to do it all and not lose herself (or her health) in the process.  She's passionate about working with people to create lifestyles that nourish every part of their identity and health so they can show up in life as the badass they truly are!

Confidence is sexy and life is too short to not chase your dreams!

She resides in Norfolk, VA with her active duty husband Jason, daughter Katherine, and two rescue pups Chloe and Chauncy.

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