Self Love Activation & Boundaries Coaching

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I help recovering people-pleasers set boundaries and reclaim ownership over their time and self-care so they can feel grounded in their mission without self-sabotaging or over thinking their days.

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L.E.A.P Method

to your best self

I work with busy women who are ready for more happiness, more time freedom, and better health- like yesterday.

The universe has put her hands on your shoulder and said it's time to show up and be seen, in your own unique way.

Together we'll create a customized blueprint to reduce overwhelm and stress, be more present in your life, and create ease with sustainable healthy habits.

Say goodbye to stress and guilt, and say hello to confidence and a renewed sense of self.

The journey to self mastery is self love.

self LOVE

Date yourself and connect. Realize you have all the tools within to live life with joy.


Get your body moving and your nervous system dialed in to support your health goals.


Live a life that is curated for YOU. Every part should feel right and pleasurable. Without guilt.


Keeping your needs up front so you can maximize your gifts and pour from a full cup.

Meet your coach! Vicki Pittman


Hi, I'm Vicki, a toddler mom, active duty military spouse, former Pilates Studio owner and teacher trainer, weightlifter to 90’s hip hop, tarot & oracle loving card slinger, and a Self-Love Activator and Confidence Coach to my busy, go-getter female clients.

Radical self-care, boundaries, and soul level alignment in regards to my work and relationships became non-negotiables after becoming a first time Mom in my late 30’s and navigating the stresses of the pandemic.

Now fully present and leading with joy each day, I'm helping my L.E.A.P. 16-Week Self-Care Program clients drop their people pleasing/perfectionist ways and start living with more joy, self confidence, personal time and energy than ever before.


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