How to never worry about setting boundaries 

to prioritize your needs again


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Are you over feeling....


from trying to please everyone with their constant demands


by not receiving help on a regular basis.

Stressed out

because you've not left enough time for self-care.


in knowing what to prioritize and when.

Over Committed

when it comes to projects that bleed into free time.

Then it's likely you're suffering from  people-pleasing behaviors and perfectionist tendencies that are keeping you stuck in overwhelm and preventing you from showing up in life as your most relaxed, confident, and healthiest self. 

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Procrastination and avoidance are real!!!

So, why does the thought of setting boundaries make so many of us break out into a sweat?

Well for starters, it's likely you're over thinking about all the ways it could go wrong rather than focusing on what needs to change to feel right. Imagine the perfect end scenario, what would that look like? How would YOU show up differently and how would THEY benefit from that?

You’re likely spending hours talking it out with everyone BUT the person you need to set a boundary with, gaining inspiration from other people's past experiences, but deep down the fears of rejection, loss, and abandonment keep you from taking those first essential steps.

You try to remember the golden rules of boundary setting..

“Can I ask directly? Is ‘No’ really a full on sentence? Can I walk away if they say No? Do I need to explain myself if they disagree? How much can I negotiate the consequences? Oh wow, I'm running out of time and I’m still feeling stuck!!!”

2 hours later, you’ve finally built up the nerve to send the initial text or email stating ‘we need to talk about something’. But you’ve realized you’ve been staring at a blinking cursor for 10 minutes already…you’re running late to your next meeting…or worse…convinced yourself to just forget about the whole thing entirely.

You take a deep breath, try to refocus and decide to try again tomorrow. Maybe you could look at inspiring Instagram posts instead?

WELL, at least you've made a start.

The LEAP Coaching Program is a 16 Week Self-Love Activation, to help you go from "where the F*! do I start with boundaries" to "I've got

Common strategies I see with recovering people-pleasers & perfectionists

  • Avoiding the Issue: Ignoring problems and avoiding confrontation instead of addressing them directly.
  • Being Apologetic: Apologizing excessively for expressing needs or asserting boundaries.
  • Assuming Others Know: Expecting others to automatically understand your boundaries without communication.
  • Inconsistency: Setting inconsistent boundaries that change based on circumstances or moods.
  • Being Indirect: Communicating boundaries indirectly, making it difficult for others to understand.

To make boundary setting your power move that inspires others.

  • Clear Communication: Clearly express your needs, expectations, and limits to others to fast track your dream life.
  • Self-Awareness: Understand your own needs and priorities before communicating boundaries so you can set the boundary right the first time around.
  • Consistency: Maintain consistency in your boundaries to build trust and understanding so you'll never have to explain yourself again.
  • Assertiveness: Be assertive and direct while expressing your boundaries respectfully so you can get your needs met and maintain healthy relationships with those that matter.
  • Prioritize Self-Care: Prioritize self-care and ensure your needs are met to maintain overall well-being so you can maintain your ambitious spirit without burnout or resentment.
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I cannot say enough wonderful things about this program...

I’m feeling so much more balanced! My energy is now poured into meaningful and impactful work instead of busy work. I’m contributing in a way that completes me, not depletes me. I’m now able to serve others AND serve myself simultaneously. Thank you!

-- L.R, LEAP Graduate

The LEAP program doesn’t feel like work!

I learned new ways to process my life and because I’m able to use these strategies, I’m spending less time dodging and weaving to get to where I want to be and it’s saving me so much time and energy!

-- K.R, LEAP Graduate

PS. This is NOT a "tell me what to do!" program.

This is an online 16 Week, self-love immersion, work through it TOGETHER program.


You arrive with the ‘I am capable’ mindset, and walk away with empowering boundaries in place, consistent self-care practices, and more free time for nurturing passion projects and connecting with family!

Our self love journeys are rarely a straight line path with easy fixes or provide us straightforward answers to our deep asks. It takes an open mind and commitment to the processes necessary for change. 

Boundary Ready

Via some serious soul-searching, expert guidance, and no-nonsense strategies, you'll not only figure out what you really want but also become a pro at confidently expressing it. You won't just set boundaries; you'll master the art of owning them with unwavering confidence. 

Learn how to prioritize your priorities - without neglecting your needs.

Get ready to own your power with my 3-phase assessment magic! We're talking about slimming down your life to savor what sets your soul on fire, kicking outdated habits to the curb, and crafting a schedule that's not just responsibilities-savvy but also screams self-care and workout glam. Time to hustle with purpose and self-love.

Implement pattern interruption techniques to eliminate people-pleasing and perfectionist tendencies for good.

Level up those self-management skills, own the power to ask for help like the boss you are, and let your intuition become your ride-or-die. Toss out people-pleasing and perfectionist nonsense with some savvy pattern interruption moves.

Master the Art of Setting Boundaries

Be your own hype person, authentically rocking those healthy boundaries. It's not just about you; it's about attracting real connections and strutting confidently toward your goals and desires, creating ripple effects of positivity for all!

All of this is possible because you get:


+ what we cover +

Phase #1: Clarify Priorities & Clean House
  • Lose the distractions while igniting our capacity and skill set to be and stay present.
  • Eliminate old energy in the form of personal belongings, habits, mindsets, and spiritual practices.
  • Learn time blocking techniques that allow you to reclaim ownership over time and self-care.
PHASE #2: Implement & Utilize Support Structures
  • Increase our capacity to ask for and receive help from others.
  • Lay the groundwork for game changing boundaries, as well as overcome the fears of rejection, abandonment, and loss before it’s ‘go time!’
  • Confidently set and hold boundaries and assert yourself like you've never done before!
PHASE #3: Activate Your Intuition & Embrace Self-Love
  • Enhance self-love and compassion towards yourself even when you mess up.
  • Unlocking deep hidden inner-limits keeping you from going after what you REALLY want
  • Become besties and bond with your intuition for easy decision making and empowering goal setting needs.

And let's not forget about....

BONUS #1 Private Voxer Messenger Community

Engage in meaningful conversations and connect with like minded women going through this self-love journey with you. Because this is a stand alone messaging app, you won’t get distracted into social media rabbit holes.

Full of highly engaged fellow program members, all helping each other become unstuck and pushing forward towards meeting your goals.



My most requested PDF resource for boundary setting confidence! This guide will provide you with 5 powerful ways to say 'No' so you can communicate a boundary easily with the EXACT phrase to say regardless of the circumstance. Sometimes it's a No forever, sometimes it's a No for now.  Don't feel paralyzed and stuck about not knowing what to say, I got you!  


Your unique journey deserves a unique bespoke approach.  We will discuss and co-create your unique path forward while navigating the LEAP Coaching Program so that you get the MOST of our time together. Each self-love journey is influenced by each person's circumstances, resources, and past experiences so these private 1:1 success sessions allow for more intimate support throughout the program. 


I'm Ready to Take Action - let me in!

Look at what past participants have achieved!!!

Just 2 weeks into the LEAP Program I'm hearing my husband say things like 'You are so much more confident and speaking your mind!'. My inner confidence to speak up for my needs is growing each day. Thank you!

-- S.M, LEAP Graduate

"The only person I'm people-pleasing now is me - and it feels good!"

-- E.F, LEAP Graduate

Are you Ready?

To set boundaries and reclaim ownership over your time and self-care so you can lean into your passions without self-sabotaging or overthinking your days?

How would you feel if....

  • You knew exactly what to say to have boundaries encouraged and celebrated in your personal and professional lives. 
  • You had a clear conscience and zero guilt about the decisions you make everyday.
  • You could finally have a spacious schedule filled with consistent self-care.
  • You didn't have to over commit and bring work home most days.
  • Your relationships felt authentic, respectful, and nurturing without strings attached or self-sacrifice.
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Hi! I'm Vicki Pittman.

I'm a toddler mom of 1, active duty military spouse, former Pilates Studio owner and teacher trainer, weightlifter to 90’s hip hop, tarot & oracle loving card slinger, and a Self-Love Activator and Boundaries Coach to my busy, go-getter female clients.

Radical self-care, boundaries, and soul level alignment in regards to my work and relationships became non-negotiables after becoming a first time Mom in my late 30’s and navigating the stresses of the pandemic.

Now fully present and leading with joy each day, I'm helping my L.E.A.P. 16-Week Self-Care Program clients drop their people pleasing/perfectionist ways and start living with more joy, self confidence, personal time and energy than ever before.

See you on the inside....

Time for Action

You got this!!!

Time for Action

You got this!!!

And in case you've got some questions.... I've put together some answers below.  









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The LEAP Coaching Program- A 16 Week Self-Love Activation is waiting for you. 

  • Set boundaries confidently in both your personal and work life so you can finally speak up for yourself and get your needs met.
  • Leave being over committed behind so you can release the pressure of being everything to everyone and focus on what you want to for a change instead.
  • Make self-care a priority without feeling guilty about it.
  • Make intuitive decisions without second guessing as your new go-to super power.
  • Utilize your empowered gifts in every area of life instead of notably absent in your professional, personal, or love life.
  • Reduce self-sabotaging and people-pleasing behaviors for more confidence to take direct action towards your deepest desires and BIG goals.
Two payments of $327 USD →