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Ep. 15- Celebrating Joy Amidst Grief; the Power of AND

Apr 09, 2024

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The One Freebie You Can't Live Without

Holding boundaries is more nuanced then 'just saying No', and here's why:

Sometimes our boundaries are circumstantial, temporary, or dependent upon the person involved in the boundary.  Never again do I want you to feel confused or guilty about holding a boundary that is meaningful to you and supports your needs of the moment. 

Which is why I created a FREE 5 Ways To Say No Guide that will reduce overwhelm and help you navigate communicating boundaries so that you can confidently set boundaries without guilt, even in the trickiest of situations! These 5 phrases will be a life saver that you won't want to live without.

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Vicki's Podcast is sooo empowering!

This podcast about self-love and setting boundaries is lively and straightforward. I love the practical advice and down-to-earth perspective. A worthwhile listen for personal growth enthusiasts. 

Stefani R.

Hi! I'm Vicki Pittman.

I'm a toddler mom of 1, active duty military spouse, former Pilates Studio owner and teacher trainer, weightlifter to 90’s hip hop, tarot & oracle loving card slinger, and a Self-Love Activator and Boundaries Coach to my busy, go-getter female clients.

Radical self-care, boundaries, and soul level alignment in regards to my work and relationships became non-negotiables after becoming a first time Mom in my late 30’s and navigating the stresses of the pandemic.

Now fully present and leading with joy each day, I'm helping my L.E.A.P. 16-Week Self-Care Program clients drop their people pleasing/perfectionist ways and start living with more joy, self confidence, personal time and energy than ever before.

I launched the Boundaries Unleashed Podcast to help women shift their doubtful, overwhelmed, or confused inner voice into a more powerful confident one. When you listen to this podcast my voice becomes your inner voice. Allow me to show you what's possible for yourself in boundary setting while feeling seen, validated, and supported in reclaiming your ability to trust yourself to make the powerful decisions on your heart. Self-love is the foundation for healthy boundaries and I can't wait to share with you what I've learned, coach, and embrace myself. Thank you for listening!

See you on the inside....

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