Hello, I'm Vicki Pittman.


I've always prioritized my health, but I struggled postpartum to stay motivated with every self care routine I tried. Everything changed when I realized that I could incorporate the grounding activities I love into a consistent wellness routine, unlike any other.

My Story

I've always valued my independent- I can take care of myself identity. As a fitness business owner and military spouse this identity muscle had plenty of opportunity to flex.
With pride, I valued my work ethic both in my physical and professional life despite how busy things got.
And then I had my first child in my mid thirties. Priorities shifted. Time never felt like my own and my needs and wants changed as my role as a Mom developed.
When I decided to make my health a priority, I thought I had to give up family or work time as a trade for wellness.
It turns out I needed to use my natural talents with more prowess while overhauling my belief system. Now I'm sharing my method and helping others lead a balanced healthy lifestyle through my online coaching programs.
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